Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lush Haul and Review

I received my very first Lush order a couple of weeks ago and I have been dying to tell you guys about it!  Lush is a company from the UK that specializes in fresh handmade cosmetics.  They use fresh organic and vegan ingredients and do not test their products on animals.  I ordered a couple of different Bubble Bars, 2 soaps, 1 Bath Melt and 1 Bath Ballistic and their new All-Inclusive Package for Summer.  All of the products are great! I am a big "bath person" so all of the bath products are really perfect for me.

First I have to say, out of all of the products, the Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds Bubble Bar is my favorite so far.  It smells so good and it made my bath a bubble heaven! Here are pictures and reviews on each product.

Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds Bubble Bar:

This one smells really good and has kind of a middle eastern feel.  The frankincense and patchouli are very soothing.  Perfect for a relaxing soak after a long day.  Another bonus is the size of the bar is big enough to use about 3 times.  You just break off a chunk and crumble it under your running bathwater and you will have more bubbles than you know what to do with.

Karma Bubble Bar:

I also really like this one too!  It is described as the multi-layered eastern spice one. It is made with a blend of patchouli (can you tell yet that I am kind of partial to patchouli?), orange and lemongrass oils.  It also makes tons of bubbles and really made my skin feel softer.  I could still smell its scent on my skin the next day, which I liked.  I also think it is visually pleasing with red & orange swirlyness.

Butter Ball Ballistic:

This one made my bath a skin softening dream.  It is scented with warm vanilla and musk and has chunks of cocoa butter inside that melt in your bath to make your skin baby-smooth.  It is fun to watch it fizz and twirl around in the tub as well. :)

Dream Time Bath Melt: 

This bath melt is made from cocoa butter and has ginger, lavender and sandalwood oils in it that will relax you and have you well on your way to sleepy-town.  The cocoa butter makes your skin very soft and it has actual pieces of real lavender and chamomile that steep in your bath to give you the most relaxing soak ever!

Porridge Soap:

This soap smells just like porridge with a hint of chocolate and spice.  It has orange juice and real oats in that help exfoliate your skin as you cleanse.  It left my skin feeling smooth and moist.

Ice Blue Soap:

Okay, visually this one is my favorite soap so far! You guys know what a sucker I am for blue and teal colored things. :)  It smells really minty and refreshing.  It feels cool and tingly on your skin and is perfect for mornings when your get up and go has got up and went!  Also, with the cooling effect of the peppermint oil it will be great for hot summer days when your skin needs some serious refreshment.

I also ordered the Lush All Inclusive Package for Summer.  It includes the following:

Glorious Mud Body Mask - a mud mask in a bar that smells vanilla-ish.
Stepping Stone Foot Scrub - a foot scrub bar with pumice in it that smells really lemony.
Buffy Body Butter - a body butter bar with ground rice, almonds and aduki beans for exfoliating.
Fair Trade Foot Lotion - a cooling foot lotion that smells like peppermint.
Ultra Light Sunscreen Lotion
Token To The Forest Gods Sauna Tab - a toner tab to put in water and use for facials or foot baths.

I haven't used any of the All Inclusive Package products yet so I will get back to you guys with reviews on these as soon as I use them.  Here is a little tip for you if you decide to order from Lush:  If you order from the UK website and use Royal Mail as the shipping method instead of ordering of the US site, you will save quite a bit of money.  Their prices are listed in pounds so if you want to find out how much you'll be paying in US dollars go to and there is a handy little currency converter you can use. For the UK website click here.

This little post card came in the All Inclusive Package.  Cute!

And here is the back of the card.

I hope this has been helpful for you guys and if it gives you a Lush addiction like I now have, I'm sorry.  :)

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