Thursday, August 22, 2013

Beautiful Drugstore Eyeshadows : Photos & Swatches

Hi Everyone! I have collected a few new drugstore eyeshadows lately and they are really outstanding not only in color but also in quality so of course I had to show them to you! What's even cooler is that none of these shadows are over $8! I hope you enjoy the pictures and give these a try.

NYX Single Eyeshadow $4.50
Silk - Peachy-gold shimmer
Flamingo - Rose Gold shimmer
Dark Navy - Very dark navy pearl

Left to right: Dark Navy, Silk, Flamingo
Top to bottom: Flamingo, Silk, Dark Navy

These shadows are very soft in texture and are super pigmented! All of NYX Single eyeshadows (all the ones I've tried anyway) are always great! Flamingo is my favorite out of these three. It is a beautiful rose gold that will look great on any skin tone.

IMAN Cosmetics Luxury Eyeshadow $8.00
Pewter - Grey-gold shimmer
African Violet - Very dark almost black blue-purple

Left to right: African Violet, Pewter

Top to bottom: Pewter, African Violet

OK, can we just stop for a second and be in awe of these eyeshadows? They are so pigmented and smooth that if I didn't know better, I would think they were a very high-end brand. I plan to get more! The one in Pewter is maybe my favorite eyeshadow that I have ever tried. Ever. That is saying a lot if you know how much makeup I have! It is so beautiful and works really great for a one-shadow look. If you do decide to try these you have to get it! 

e.l.f. Long Lasting Lustrous Eyeshadow $3.00
Toast - very shimmer gold with glitter (whipped gel texture)

The coolest thing about this shadow is the texture. It's just fun to touch. It looks good on the eyes too! I wore this the other day by itself and it lasted all day. I think it would also be great as an eyeshadow base.

Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio $1.99
Walking On Eggshells - Beige shimmer, Warm copper bronze, Pink-gold shimmer

If you've never tried Wet n Wild eyeshadows you are so missing out. These Trios come in several different shade combos and the quality is great on every single one. And they are $1.99!! You can't go wrong! Walking on Eggshells is a beautiful neutral trio, but they have some wild color combos as well for the more adventurous. You can find Wet n Wild Cosmetics at Walmart or your local drugstore.

Left to right: e.l.f. Toast, Wet n Wild Walking On Eggshells

Top to bottom: e.l.f. toast, WnW Trio

Have fun playing with eyeshadow! Talk to you soon!


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